With the widespread use of high definition cameras and TV, fibre optics has gained significant prominence.
This sector requires optical cables for fixed and/or temporary communications realized between cameras and data management centres (mobile broadcast trucks). OPTRAL cables for Broadcast allow for ease of movement for spooled cable and are made of materials highly resistant to friction and crushing.

In general, Broadcast cables are manufactured with tight buffers, very similar to military and tactical cables. There are three big groups of Broadcast optical cables:

o Tactical cables
o Cables for armoured winders
o Hybrid cables for camera, SMPTE


MINI CDIR-M / ETW.63.504

Breakout cables with 2.0 mm subcables based on military norms and according to ETW.63.504.


Distribution cables based on military norms.


TVE (Spanish national televisión), Televisión Chile, BBC, London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games broadcast, Spanish league football clubs.