Mining is one of the industrial sectors where there are high requirements regarding maximum security and a high mechanical resistance of the cabling systems. Fibre optic is a totally dielectric medium for data transmission, with a great capacity for machine control, measurements equipment, and communications systems.
OPTRAL manufactures fibre optic cables and Hybrid cables (Cu + FO) designed according to the project’s requirements, and either for fixed installations as well as cable for a winder.

The most common optical cable installations in mining are grouped into two:
o Outdoor installations: Aerial cables, cables with High Crush resistance,
o Installations in tunnels: Non-metallic cables, High resistance cables, cables for winders.

OPTRAL’s cable was decisive in the rescue of the San José miners in August of 2010 in Chile: Rescue capsule in the San José mine (Chile)


CDAM ( 2 - 12 FO)

Distribution cables with metallic armour as rodent protection up to 12 fibre optics. Classification CPR: Dca.


Breakout cables with 2.5 mm subcables based on military norms.

Mini CDIR-AM 2.1 mm (2 - 16 FO)

Breakout cables with 2.1 mm subcables, metallic armour, up to 16 fibre optics. Classification CPR: Dca.


ICA Flour Daniel (México), Sicartsa (México), Flour Daniel (Chile), Mina El Teniente, Minasur Codelco (Chile), Mina Sur, Codelco (Chile), Mina Los Filos, Goldcorp (México), Mina Bismark, Peñoles (México), Mina Naica, Peñoles (México), Mina Pinos Altos (México), Minería Santa Marta, Proyecto Coloso Mina en Antofagasta (Chile), Project Las Bambas (Perú), Mina El Teniente (Chile), Centro Guasave (México), Centro Islas Marías (México), Control Center Link in Zacatecas (México), Mina los Filos (México), Mina Mercedes (México), Mina Cananea-Lixiviacion 2011 (México), Mina Nochebuena (México)