There are three main advantages when implementing fibre optics for data transmission in this field:
• Immunity to electromagnetic fields
• Broader range

Industrial environments usually present technical or mechanical aspects that can affect the communications network. To guarantee a correct transmission, OPTRAL manufactures cables with materials resistant to hydrocarbons, oils and greases, as well as completely dielectric cables to avoid interferences from electromagnetic fields.



Breakout multifibre cables for industrial applications with continuous movement.

CDIR-AM 2.5 mm (2 - 16 FO)

Breakout cables with 2.5 mm subcables, metallic armour, up to 16 fibre optics. Classification CPR: Dca.

POF / IDF-R Simplex

Reinforced simplex plastic optical fiber cable.

Multimode Fibres 62.5/125

Multimode Optical Fibres 62,5/125 for applications with LED transmitters.


Mercedes Benz Automobile Factories in Stuttgart and Vitoria, Jaguar Automobile Factory (UK), CMPC Cellulose Factory in Santa Fe (Chile), Hydroelectric Power Plant in La Joya (Costa Rica), Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant (Mexico), Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz (Costa Rica), Syntex Factory – Roche (México), Modelo Brewery (México), Mahou Brewer (Spain), Steel Factory in Vizcaya (Spain), Spanish Hydroelectric, Gas&Electricidad,S.A. (GESA), Compañía Sevillana de Electricidad, Central Térmica Compostilla-I, Electrical Substations in Lago de Maracaibo (Venezuela), Water Consortium in Bilbao (Spain), Dow Chemical, S.A., Llobregat Desalination Plant

ALMA project