OPTRAL manufactures and designs cables for installation in data centers, allowing for an easy assembly of the most common connectors.
In order to save space in data centers cabinets, optical cables provide high bandwidth in reduced diameters.

OPTRAL is a specialist in the manufacture of patchcord cables and in the use of OM3 and OM4 Multimode fibres, and works with a significant stock in order to be able to offer its clients quick deliveries of cables and fibres.


Mini CDIR 2.1 mm (24 - 48 FO)

Breakout cables (2.1 mm subcables) from 24 up to 48 fibre optics.

Multimode Fibres 50/125

Multimode Optical Fibres 50/125 for applications with LED and VCSEL transmitters.


Data Centre Port-Tangier, International operators.