Strategic Lines

Mining, CTTV, telecom, windmills, renewable energy

1. Maximum respect towards our clients, employees and suppliers.

2. Concentration in specific client segments where Optical Cables with high added value are required.

- Adjusted or “Tight Buffer” Cables.

- Industrial Cables:

Renewable Energies


Oil & Gas



3. Differentiation from other competitors due to faster and more reliable response.

4. Internationalization.

5. Innovation.

- Continuous improvement.

- Continuous training.

- Investing in improving service, quality and response speed to our client requests.

- Constantly searching for innovative products that satisfy client needs.

- Exploring new market niches.

6. Versatility, speed and flexibility.

- Reduced minimum quantities.

- Special cable manufacturing.

- Reduced delivery terms.

- Appropriate solutions for each application and adapted to each client.

- Production system that allows fast product changeovers.

7. Attentive and efficient service.

- Agile response to technical queries and commercial offers.

- Continuous staff training to improve customer service.